Our Programs

Vibrant Kids Holistic Centers

Barlad, Romania

With a genuinely holistic approach, we seek to advocate and develop Vibrant Kids Holistic Centers that give each child the tools to cope with life's challenges. 

The Vibrant Kids Holistic  assists youth in and previously in foster care, those that are “a different kind of perfect,” gifted children, and young adults, with the skills that are necessary to cope with adulthood, school, disabilities, and trauma using non-clinical techniques 

Phoenix, Arizona (2020)

Our I AM ME  program teaches self-discovery through a mind, body, and spiritual connection that promotes inner peace and well-being.

Volunteer Romania 2020


Tiny Home Community
Coming to Arizona  late 2020 ​​

Blu Village is a new way of living built upon affordable housing and social opportunities, creating rich connections and purposeful living in an inter-generational housing community. 
​Live, Learn, Teach and Mentor
The Centerpiece of Well-Being 
​A Delia Foundation  Project ​Creating housing solutions and connections for Youth and Middle-income seniors 
Positively impacting isolation, independence, health and wellness.